The 2015 Challenge – Entry 4: Progress so far

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1. Introduction
2. No Music on-the-go
3. Plan for Research Attack

My Goal of 20-hour Week

Last week I barely achieved my goal of accomplishing 20 hours of research. This week I’m on the right track to beat the 20-hour mark again. I’m pleased with my current progress because it is not easy at all. 20 hours really do not sound like much. It is only about 4 hours per day, 5 days a week. However, doing 4 quality hours of work is exhausting, especially with my current capability. Note that I do not count the total time I spend at the library or at the lab each day. Usually I arrive the library at 9.30 am and leave around 5.30 pm. It means I spend 8 hours a day in school, but quality works only account for a half of those hours.

I don’t want to increase that hour tally anyway. I opt for quality rather than quantity. I want to do 20 hours of great quality and save my time for other activities: group meetings, research talks and writing practice. I also need to improve my endurance for long, intense study sessions (as well as for better soccer playing.)

I need to remind myself this is a 5-year marathon. I would be burnt out if I make sprints early on. I want to consistently make small progresses towards my goal.

Areas for Improvement

  • Need to wake up earlier. Although it is difficult in this kind of winter. The morning is the coldest during the day.
  • Set the goal for the day and try to accomplish it as soon as possible. I should leave for home or hit the gym early. It is never helpful to force myself to stay in the library until 6pm.
  • Continue to get rid of technology. I will stop bring my tablet to school on a regular basis. My required books have arrived.
  • After one hour or two, I should change my place of study. Environment seems to affect my intensity. Also I don’t want to stay with a computer for a long time, because I tend to surf the web when I’m tired.



Author: Tri M. Cao

Music with my beloved HD 650 headphones.

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