The 2015 Challenge – Entry 2: No earphone, no music on-the-go

I notice that I have had a few more followers in the last few days. That’s encouraging. It is always better to have some reader than none. If you find this blog helpful, please share it to your friends. The more readers the more fun I have in accomplishing this challenge. 

Past entries of this journal
1. Entry 1: The Introduction

My addictionMusic downloading

It is no secret that I love music. This screenshot shows that over the last few days I have downloaded nearly 60GB of music (a big number because all of them are lossless classical music, more on classical music later.) Currently I store up to 600GB of high-quality music in my hard drive. I also have a small collection of audio-related gears: headphones, DACs
(sound cards) and speakers. Above all that, I rarely leave home without a pair of earbuds since secondary school, when I owned a portable MP3 player for the first time. I have had this habit for nearly 10 years. During that time, I listen to music wherever I go and I enjoy it a lot.

But now is the time to stop. I cannot always listen to music anymore.

Why no more Music on-the-go?
Listening to music, for me, is a good way to escape from difficulties in my life. Whenever I listen to music, I tend to forget about all of my worries. After all, that is one basic function of music — relaxing the listener. However, the feeling is only temporary. Over time I think it is better to focus on the problem at hand than to escape from it via music every time.

Furthermore, music makes me quickly lose grasp of time. It becomes very difficult to turn off the music after listening for a while. Moreover, when my mind is not totally in focus (because of the music), I begin to lose control of myself. With the music turned on, I would be likely to open a browser to surf the web and suddenly the workday is over before I even realize it. That’s the power of music. It can heal my soul but also can consume all of my time.

One more thing, listening to music requires a lot of energy from the brain, especially when I use headphones/earphones and listen to loud music. This must be the reason I always feel tired after a long session of music listening. Since energy is limited, I have to preserve it for study and research. Music can wait.

So how to get rid of this habit? It is simple: just do not bring an earphone with me. It’s convenient that I lost my Apple Earpod during my break in Vietnam (it’s a great pair of earbuds by the way, I should have given it to my dad.) I also have to form a new habit of listening to music only in the evening. It is not a bad idea, though, because I can focus on the music. It is important for my beginning study of classical music, a genre demands good concentration. After all, deep enjoyment should require deep focus.

Result from the First week
It’s not as easy as I thought. I truly miss my beloved headphone when I commute or when I have lunch at the dining hall. I even start to sing out loud when I have the chance. On the bright side, I seem to have plenty of energy even after a long day. My brain must have thanked me for that. It does not need to endure the music every single minute of the day.

More importantly, although I am bored without music, it actually helps me. Works and lectures, in a sudden, become very interesting. I’m more alerted and focused. It’s a great feeling that makes a long, hard session of study bearable. Also, a more relaxed brain has improved both my spoken and written English. With all these encouraging signs, all I have to do now is not carrying a pair of earbuds with me.

(Photo by LifeHacker)


Author: Tri M. Cao

Music with my beloved HD 650 headphones.

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