2015 Challenge: The Introduction

Last Semester’s Pain

I did not fare well in my first semester as a graduate student. It was clear from the beginning this school was out of my league. I struggled to overcome each and every homework, project and exam. Towards the end of the semester, I even became depressed and looked for video games and manga to alleviate the pain. As you might guess, my problem only grew worse. I began to stay really late every night and started to lose weight. Had I not already booked a trip to Vietnam for winter break, I could not imagine how worse my life might get.

Nevertheless, that does not mean my life has to remain that way. Actually I believe it was the good sign that I struggled badly during my first semester here. It is always better to acknowledge the problem sooner rather than later. Also, it would give me the motivation to change my life in every possible way. As I said above, I am not on the same level with many students here at Cornell. But since I am already here, I will not give up without a great fight. My goal is not just to reach the Cornell level, I want to be one of the best students here.

Introduce the 2015 Challenge

To realize my goal of becoming a great graduate student, I will make drastic changes to many aspects of my life: from forming good study habits to forming good music listening habits, from improving concentration to improving stamina, from learning better presenting skills to learning better socializing skills, etc. It will not be easy, so I call this life-hacking project the 2015 Challenge.

Here in this blog, I will write a journal reporting about my progress during the challenge.I will give you my thoughts and my process of achieving each goal in the challenge.

Why I Do This?

I think it is important to record my plan in writing. It makes the plan clear and memorable. If I do not forget about my plan, I will be more likely to finish it.

Furthermore, I want to share my story with people. Many times I find myself struggling to follow my own advice that I give them. Now it is the time to stand up to the difficulty and show people my result. I want to make this challenge a case study for my friends and I hope it will encourage them to improve their lives as well.

You can play a part of this challenge too by discussing on my blog entries. Questions and comments are welcomed. If you think you have a better idea than what I write here, don’t hesitate to talk to me. I hope that you enjoy reading this journal.


Author: Tri M. Cao

Music with my beloved HD 650 headphones.

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